Frequently Asked Questions.

It contains between 15-25% concentration, while the perfumes contain 20-30% concentration
This is the next highest fragrance concentration.
You can get a solid eight to thirteen hours of your fragrance working and still containing a very low amount of alcohol to guarantee skin tolerance. These are the most common fragrance category. We are offering our customers a very similar fragrance to all the luxurious perfumes.

Our perfumes last for quite longer hours.
Approximately 8-10 hours.

Spray it directly onto your clothes. Skin absorbs perfume, whereas manmade fires do not – you’ll be able to smell a lingering scent for days.

Moisturise before you spritz. Your skin is less likely to absorb the perfume if it’s not dry, so get your moisturising done the night before. 

Layer up with different perfume types. Eau de parfums are best worn against the skin, while eau de toilettes will improve sillage* when worn on the clothes.

Spritz perfume onto your hair brush before brushing your hair. Don’t do this too often, though – alcohol can leave your hair dry and frizzy. We advise purchasing a hair mist for daily use.

Yes, our impressions are 95% similar to the original ones